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Happy Holidays!

I wanted to give an update on LightAide, my ‘day-job’ at Philips. It’s rare that a person finds their way into a ‘passion’ role at the office – a role that uses my education, my experience as a parent and my ability to make new networks work. I luckily have been doing that officially for the past 1 year at Philips, through the launch of LightAide.

So we’ve been launched for a couple of months – with a new technology, in a new industry, doing something very new and different. Inspired by my daughter’s vision and hearing problems. [for a walk down Memory Lane:

Here’s a picture of where we are “located” – please share! You can see more details on the linked Google Map.


Where in the World is LightAide?

It’s been a truly marvelous product launch – with great support, energy and enthusiasm provided by Amber Bobnar and just concluded a Lily LightAide Backpacking Event with Olivia from OH winning after 29,000 votes were cast. Learn more about the Families and their experiences with LightAide.

Overall, the families worked together (across the US) to raise enough money for each child to win a LightAide. The outpouring of support is amazing. I have opened up a fundraiser to help create a fund for additional LightAide units to be made available for families through the US.

Happy Holidays – and many thanks for the children, families, therapists and friends who have helped make LightAide Launch a great success!! It is so humbling to know that a “Mom-invention” is helping support wonderful children, like my Alexis.

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